About CHKPix

Craig Kelley Photography believes in four basic, fundamental philosophies: QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, COLLABORATION, and IIAFDDI.

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QUALITY: Craig Kelley Photography prides itself on very high quality images. Clients love the quality and finish of CHKPix images. Check out all of the images at the CHKPix PORTFOLIO / GALLERY page and you'll see why!

AFFORDABILITY: You'll find that CHKPix is very inexpensive, sometimes even gratis (without charge, free). It's the philosophy of CHKPix that there's no reason to charge a lot if you're doing something that shouldn't cost a lot in the first place.

COLLABORATION: CHKPix is always willing to work with clients, other photographers, and models to share ideas and discuss creativity. Collaboration brings people together to create new ideas. New ideas brings great images to light!

IIAFDDI: An important CHKPix motto: "If it ain't fun don't do it..." Really... If a photographer can't have fun doing a really cool and interesting hobby, he or she should try something else. It's the sheer enjoyment of a longstanding hobby such as photography that keeps CHKPix in business.